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Advanced Tooth Concentrate

Advanced Ayurvedic Formula for Sensitive Teeth | Made from scientifically researched herbs | Free from toxic chemicals

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Its potent blend of scientifically researched herbal extracts and oils enhances oral health, strengthens gums, eliminates bad odours, and combat tooth sensitivity with its concentrated formula while promoting a balanced pH for overall mouth well-being.

"Say Goodbye to Plaque and Sensitivity, Embrace the Power of rjuv9 Advanced Tooth Concentrate."

Advanced Tooth Concentrate

  • Ritha (Sapindus trifoliatus) Ext.: Natural cleanser that promotes oral hygiene and helps remove plaque.
  • Tomar (Zanthoxylum armatum) Seeds Ext.: Supports gum health, combats bad breath, and soothes oral tissues.
  • Dant Prabhakar Manjan Powder: Strengthens teeth, fights cavities, and maintains fresh breath.
  • Kapurdhara Ark Liquid: Provides a cooling effect, helps reduce tooth sensitivity, and supports oral wellness.
  • Lavangadi Gutika Powder: Soothes tooth discomfort, maintains oral health, and eases mouth irritation.
  • Khadiradi Bati Powder: Supports oral hygiene, combats oral ulcers, and freshens breath.
  • Panchgun Oil: Nourishes gums, helps maintain oral health, and strengthens teeth.

Pour 2 drops on a wet toothbrush & continue brushing as usual or as directed by a physician.

Helps to improve oral health

Strengthen the gums

Helps to remove bad odours & plaque

Helps to overcome tooth sensitivity problems